The choice of windows and doors has a considerable influence on the appearance of the building, having the right choice would add more beauty to the view. Kurdieh Aluminum provides a wide variety of systems and designs for windows and doors with all RAL colors. Additional thermal insulation and security requirements will depend on the system chosen. All systems can be either manual or automated.

Our systems:

  • KH 101 is the most economical and convenient system for sliding windows. The system can provide a good thermal insulation due to the energy saving weather strips and rubber gaskets surrounding all window frames.
  • KH 201 system is recommended for sliding windows and doors with greater than standard heights, it is also suitable for the Tilt & Slide door types. Due to energy saving weather strips and rubber gaskets that surround all window frames thermal insulation is met.
  • KH09 system is used for all types of hinged windows and doors including pivoted and Tilt & Turn types. This system has a high water proof and thermal insulation property.
  • Thermally broken systems are the best option to assure high thermal insulation levels, this is achieved by the insertion of polyamide strips in aluminum profile channels. This system is available for all sliding or hinged windows and doors.
  •  Other options such as frameless doors.


KH 0101-Sliding section-external

KH 0101-Sliding section-internal

KH 0201-Sliding section-internal

KH 0201-Sliding section-external

KH 09 –Fixed section- external

KH 09 –Fixed section-internal 

KH 09 –Fixed section-internal

KH 09 –Fixed section1-external

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