About Us

Our presence in the Jordanian market commenced in 1970, introducing different Aluminum Architectural systems. Since then we strive to provide the most technological and effecient systems that meet customers expectations.

with respect to our long precense in the Jordanian market, we were able to build strong relationships with every member in our supply chain network, thus providing high quality products, short delivery dates and competitve pricing.

Some of our works was exported to North Africa and Iraq, this gave us the opportunity to introduce our systems to the international markets and be more aware of their needs.

Our Vision

To be the company that works closely with their customers, to provide them with the most technological product designs, and highly reliable Aluminum Architectural systems.

Our Team

The company has high qualified and experienced employees, many of whom have been with us for their entire careers, which is the main reason for strong relationships and a team working environment, this enabled us to provide solutions that exceed our Customers expectations through quality, efficiency, innovation and service.

Our Mission

We are committed to excellence in design, fabrication and installation and after sales service. We strive to exceed our customer expectations and to provide the latest development and technology, and to maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships, while offering market competitive price

Our commitment to a clean and healthy environment stems from our care, respect to society and devotion to our country. We respect our employees, encourage team work and offer equal opportunity in employment and training to all of our staff regardless of religion, ethnic origins and beliefs.

We expect from our staff to demonstrate highest ethical conduct at the plant in the field.


Kurdieh & Hakim Aluminum Company was established in 1971 by Jamal Kurdieh and George Hakim. It started as a partnership, in which Jamal Kurdieh was in charge of production processes and George Hakim the management operations. The production plant was located in Al-Salt street and the management offices were in Wadi Al Seer. This was the case until 1977 when the management offices and the production plant were brought together in one building in Mukablein. During the first years of business, Kurdieh & Hakim Aluminum profiles where initially imported from Lebanon, the United States then Greece. The products at that time were limited to Aluminum windows, doors and shelves. In 1975 the company started designing its own Aluminum profiles (KH system), and developing them.

One of the major company’s accomplishments is that it was the first company to introduce the Double glass system and Aluminum shutters to the Jordanian Market. In 1986 George Hakim passed away and Jamal Kurdieh undertook the management of the whole company including the production. The company has been operating successfully for forty years, introducing a wide variety of high quality products, and meeting the needs of a varied market.

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